Recommended Books for Beginners
Recommended Books for Beginners
Moonwise Podcasts - June 11 and 25, 2016 - Moon Phases with Astrologer Kilaya Ciriello

Check out these podcasts with our chapter member, an astrologer Kilaya.

Merrylin and Kilaya talk about 28 Moon phases derived from the poet William Yeats book Vision.  Kilaya summarizes the phases from the first quarter Moon to the full Moon.

Kilaya tells us about the Moon phase of this day and goes through the last quarter of phases in the 28 phase system

Introduction to Physics of Astrology
What is the physical mechanism by which celestial bodies influence our life? This is the most common question we, as astrologers, get from skeptics.

Skeptics say that astrology is pseudoscience because there is no scientific proof of the existence of a physical mechanism by which celestial bodies can affect our thinking and decision making process.

The good news for astrologers is that in order to answer the skeptics questions, we do not really need a “proof” in the form of a special scientific experiment or measurement. We just need to look at the obvious and gather information that is already available.

Personal Houses The Meaning of Houses 1-6 in a Birth Chart by Maria DeSimone
This article will explain the meaning of each of the first six out of twelve houses within the zodiac.

Breaking Out Of Your Glass. By Vinnie Ambrosio.
Exploring Interceptions in the horoscope.

Sometimes a Soul has something special in mind for it’s life goal. Something which can be accomplished only by incarnating at a time and place wherein it will be forced to develop certain skills and character traits outside of the normally accepted modes and mores of the System (Illusion) within which we all imagine our lives taking place.

Astrology of the Soul. By Vinnie Ambrosio
Q: Here's one that grabbed me the first time I read Bailey, and has stuck. She refers to the horoscope of the soul. So, is this a literal artifact?

Sand Castles & Steam Rollers. By Vinnie Ambrosio.
Pluto has been described as the Evolutionary Process. I have been thinking that rather than a process, Pluto is more the Act of Evolution Itself, working out in our lives.