What is the Zodiac?
The Zodiac indicates a yearly cycle of 12 stations that lie along the ecliptic. It is acknowledged as the first known celestial coordinate system. The Zodiac of 12 signs was developed by Babylonian astronomers. For divinatory reasons, astrologers use astronomical observations of the night sky’s movements. In modern astrology the use of the Zodiac remains. The 12 astrological signs symbolized in Western astrology are Aries (0°) (The Ram), Taurus (30°) (The Bull), Gemini (60°) (The Twins), Cancer (90°) (The Crab) , Leo (120°) (The Lion), Virgo (150°) (The Virgin), Libra (180°) (The Balance), Scorpio (210°) (The Scorpion), Sagittarius (240°) (The Archer), Capricorn (270°) (The Sea-goat), Aquarious (300°) (The Water-bearer), and Pisces (330°) (The Fish).

What is a Horoscope?
A Horoscope can be defined as the birth or natal chart of a person. It is an elaborate analysis of the planets positions in the Zodiac - for a precise location, and exact time and date. An individual's Horoscope is based on the positions of the planets according to their place of birth, date of birth and the exact time of their birth. A Horoscope is a chart. This chart shows the positions of the moon, the sun, other constellations, and the planets. The specific positions are marked on the chart based on their relation to earth, at the time of any person's birth. A Horoscope is the basis for astrological predictions - as each Horoscope is different and represents an individual's personality and destiny.

What is an Astrologer?
Astrologers practice one or numerous forms of Astrology. Commonly, an Astrologer will create a Horoscope for the time of a specific event, such as the birth of an individual, and translate celestial points and their locations at the time of the event to receive a better understanding of the individual, the auspiciousness of a situation or undertaking, etc.

What are Tarot cards?
Tarot is a deck of cards mainly used for divinatory purposes. A Tarot reading is based on the belief that the cards can give insight into a present situation and possible future events of the subject. The modern Tarot card deck has been traced all the way back to 15th century Italy. Traditionally, the Tarot deck consisted of 2 sets of cards - one set having 22 pictures (the major arcana) and the other set having 56 cards (the minor arcana). The major arcana commonly relate to more serious matters - matters with profound significance and greater purpose. The minor arcana relate to everyday situations and matters of firsthand concern. There are many different decks that are used in Cartomancy. The meanings of symbols, figures, and numbers vary greatly among readers and advocates.

What is Horoscopic Astrology?
Horoscopic Astrology is a method that fully evolved in the Mediterranean region and distinctively Hellenistic Egypt sometime during the late second or early first century BCE. The system deals with diagrams of the heavens (horoscopes) created for precise moments in time. The diagrams are two-dimensional and based on a distinct set of guidelines and rules, used to translate the essential meaning underlying celestial bodies alignment at that moment. Normally, a horoscope was calculated for the exact time of a person's birth, or at the start of an event or venture, because the heavens alignments at that specific moment were believed to ultimately determine the nature of the subject at hand. A distinct trademark that separates horoscopic astrology from other other traditions is the computation of the ascendant (the sign and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at a precise time and place of a specific event).

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