NCGR - National Council of Geocosmic Research, an international astrological organization dedicated to education and research. 

This is a website of Long Island Chapter of NCGR (New York State, USA). L.I. N.C.G.R.

L.I. NCGR Board Members


Nadia Mierau 

Nadia is honored to serve as President of our Long Island Chapter, and devoted to furthering the education within our astrological community.   
Nadia is an experienced astrologer with scientific background as well as professional artist, designer and a matchmaker. Her approach to counseling is scientific. Her specialty is scientific explanation of astrology, LOVE/relationship as well as Natal, Relocation and Horary readings.
(917) 775-9700  

Vice President:

Maria DeSimone

Maria has been a professional astrologer since 2005, specializing in counseling, relationship and electional astrology. She blends astrological insights in a humanistic and practical manner – addressing real life concerns. (718) 323-5588


MaryAnn Dellinger

MaryAnn has 25 Years Experience in astrology teaching and counseling field. She offers introductory and intermediate classes. MaryAnn also writes astrological predictions monthly for the 'Village Connection' on Long Island as well as for Gem Magazine.
(631) 875 7235


Robert Blumberg

Robert is an experienced astrologer, specializing in counseling. (516) 425-1526

Public Outreach:

Grace Lopez

(516) 455-7815


Member Services and Workshops
Mary Ann Dellinger
Mary Ann offers introductory and intermediate classes. Astrology is the key to an exciting new world. Explore the fundamentals and fill in the gaps. Reinforce what you know and learn what you don’t know.
Maryann also writes astrological predictions monthly for the 'Village Connection' on Long Island as well as for Gem Magazine. 25 Years Experience. 

Classes are located in Suffolk County. (631) 875-7235
Sandra & David Mosley
Sandra and David live now in Kaaawa , HI and they have their calendar available through their website
They also arrange retreats in Hawaii and have some interesting items to sell. They can be contacted at: (808) 237-7297 or by e mailaddress